If you wish to participate in Pala and receive broadcasts you can download the Pala software below. The programme will enable the broadcasts to appear on your desktop and will not interfere with any other applications or software currently installed on your computer.

On the morning of each scheduled broadcast an icon will automatically appear on your desktop that looks like this signalling that a broadcast will be transmitted at some point during the course of the day. To opt out of receiving the broadcast simply change the icon to disabled in the drop down menu, turning the green circle to red, this will prevent any film works appearing on your desktop window. You will also be able to stop the broadcast when it has started playing by closing the pop up window. The broadcasts will last between 30 seconds and 5 minutes with the majority being short, isolated interruptions to the computer screen.

Please note that the broadcasts will only be transmitted once and will not be available to be viewed on the website archive. They exist as temporary interruptions.

For further information on how the software works on your computer please visit software info