From January 2014 to September 2015 Pala transmitted a series of short films and still images via an intermittent digital broadcast. Using software developed by Martin Fergie of Playtime Studio the broadcasts were transmitted directly to individuals computer screens.

Visually disrupting the desktop with images from an unexpected elsewhere, the broadcasts seductively intruded upon the everyday. They sought to ignite minor dislocations by providing playful propositions of ‘other’ landscapes and environments.

The broadcast as interruption was devised to instigate momentary, involuntary encounters that rendered the familiar strange.

Pala is a project devised by Laura Mansfield. The broadcast as interruption takes inspiration from the work of Field Broadcast. The project software has been developed and constructed by Martin Fergie. The website is designed by Constance Laisné. Fergie and Laisné collaborate as Playtime Studio working across design, education and web programming.

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